Sunday, 26 February 2012

Essence - What do U think (old version)

Baby where did you get your polish from ?
I got it from Ivana !

Haha ok, I'm going Bananas !

I think it's absolutely lovely !

Check how it matches the new scarf I knitted ! :P
I am aware that all of my last posts include scarves, I'm sorry for that, but I'm SO into them now !
And as spring is in the city, we have to enjoy our last moments with them :)

Another thing I ADORE about this polish: it dries SUPER fast, like really, 2 minutes and you're done !
The formula is a bit streaky, so on some fingers you'll need 3 coats :)
But the color is just perfect for mid season, flashy but not too much ! 

Oh, one last thing, I think they have another version of this polish right now, it's packed with shimmer, while this has none, and I really prefer this one, Thanks again Iv' ! :)

Oh, I usually don't ask these things, but could you rate this picture for me on the link below please ?

Thanks a Looooot ! Kisses to all of you ! 

Xx. S