Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sephora - It girl

Hello pretty readers ! 

How are you all ? :)
It's my last day before I get back home so I quickly made some pictures :)
But... my polish started chipping WHILE making the pictures... sorry for that :(

Usually Sephora polishes are a bit on the tick side, this one was ok, but it chips very fast as you can see !
I like the color though, it's sophisticated :)
What do you think ?

I'm sending you lots of kisses and sunshine !
Xx. S

Friday, 22 July 2011

H&M - Blue

Hi guys ! :)

I hope you're all doing super well !
I have this blue polish for you today, packed with pearl shimmer for you !

Demi-clef à capeler

Since I'm on a boat, I thought a might do some themed pictures, with useful knots ;)
but I only know the names in french or dutch, sorry for that !

Noeud plat 

Back to the polish, the formula is... really bad... it's thick, streaky, bubbly...
Not cool !
The color on the other side is nice, but nothing extremely special...

Noeud d'arrêt

Overall I enjoyed wearing it ... for 2h, then it started chipping :(
Too bad :( 

Lots of love and sunshine !
Xx. S

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Zoya - Sooki

Helllooooo pretty girls ! 

Here I am, in the south of France, wearing Zoya for the first time for 3 days in a row now :)
I found internet, so I'm gonna post the pictures right away ! 

You can see that after 3 days, there is still no major tip wear ! How cool is that ?

Got the polish and picture ideas from my polished friend Cristina, haha ! 
Love sooki, such a true red :)

At the moment I'm not that into reds anymore, I prefer pinks a lot more, but this polish converted me again, reds are soooo classy ! Can't wait to wear a lot more Zoyas :)

Do you own a lot of Zoyas ? I bet you do !!
Xx. S

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Biguine - First kiss

 Hello again Sweethearts !

Now I have Biguine - First kiss on my nails, 
one I got in a swap with Cristina, a super super super sweet girl !
She got me looooots of pretty polishes :)

As my camera didn't want to pick up the right color in the sunlight, I needed to make it again with flash, this causes the less original pictures, sorry :(

This polish makes me wanna say: "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie wooooorld" :D
it's a perfect doll color, I mean it, sooo girly :)
I used Hema Longlasting 81 as Underwear, (love using that word for nailpolish :D)
so there's no VNL and it worked ! :)

Other perfect goodies !
From left to right: Modelite L26, Biguine first kiss, Zoya tamsen and sookie, OPI we'll always have Paris, Zoya stephanie (Love the name!) and kieko, Biguine lilas spirit and last but not least, Modelite L32
How cool is that ?

Oh how I love swaps :)
Do you guys often swap ?

Xx. S

H and M - Coral

Hey ! 

Today I have another summery shade for you ! 
Coral by H&M  :)

Lovely shade, too bad it's super streaky... So it needs 3 big coats to be pretty, 
but the color is worth it :)

Sometimes it's coral, sometimes it's a pure orange, I like that :)
I like it when a polish has different shades :)
Xx. S

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dior - 558 Paradise

Hello lovelies, 

So, yesterday was my birthday, and I got this polish duo (Sunset + Top Coat) from my 2 best friends 
(How adorable are they ?!)

Yeah, I guess I was a bit in a Katy Perry mood or something, 
or listened too much to "It was acceptable in the 80's" :D
But hey, girls just wanna have fun right ?

I think the Dior brush is a bit weird, the shape is strange, but easy to work with, I have older Dior polishes, and they weren't like that, and there is a VNL but the color is so pretty we forget about that ! 

I Love Love Love this polish ! Like crazy, a nice pinkish neon jelly :)
Do you know other good neons ?
Xx. S