Monday, 30 May 2011

Girly leopard

Hi pretty ones ! 

I'm SO ill today :( and I have an exam the day after tomorrow, so now is really not the right time to be in bed... My head hurts so much ! :(
But that didn't stop me from doing my nails :)
I know the close-up sucks, but it's the best one I have...

I used H&M's preppy pink (I really like this pink polish!) Catrice's snowmotion and a brown Alessandro polish, as well as a 2b gold glitter one for the animal print !
I got my inspiration from Nail up! magazine, if you want a tutorial for this one, check Nail up!'s facebook page ! 

I don't really know what to think about that, on one side, I think it's really cute, on the other side, from a distance, it looks more like a cow nail art than a leopard nail art ! What's your opinion on this ? 

Xx. S 

Friday, 27 May 2011

Canadian haul ? :)

Hi ! 

I'm gonna post some manicures I did this week later this weekend, but first of all I wanna show you guys this little haul: My mom came back from Canada this week and this is what she brought for me ! 

Some Essies: Bachelorette bash, Tangerine, Jelly apple
And some O.P.I's: The one that got away, Second honeymoon, Too hot pink to hold em' and Pompeii purple

Isn't she just adorable ? :)
I wish you all a nice weekend sweethearts !

Xx. S

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Korres - 14 Pomegranate

Hello Sweeties, 

As the weather is nice again, but I'm not able to go out cause I need to study, I wanted to bring the summer feeling on my desk :)
So I used this polish that came all the way from Greece (thanks Christina !)

I'm really really fond of the color ! So girly ! 

I've topped it with a matte top coat, which makes the color stand out even more (I have the idea that the color is an even brighter pink!) the only downside is that I feel like there's something missing,...
I should add a rhinestone or something (but I don't have any)

The first thing I did after putting on the matte topcoat is putting on hand lotion, silly me ! 

Featuring my little brother Max. :)

Do you guys have any ideas how to spice up this manicure ?
Xx. S 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Daisies ! :)

Hellow ! 

Before I start studying like a crazy person tomorrow, I though I could do my nails with something more special than a plain nail so I picked yesterday's daisies nails, to do some accent nails :)

I did 3 of them, left pinkie and thumb and right ring finger, don't ask me why I did it like this, but I like it ! which is quite surprising cause I'm a symmetry freak ! It drives me crazy when something is not placed in the middle and stuff, or that both things or not on equal distance :D

Here's a close-up: 

And for the first time, my 10 fingers ! :)
Luckily I've found a way to take a picture that doesn't show all my scars !
I broke my wrists a lot of times (3 times each at least, seems like I'm fragile) and had a little table in glass that fell on my left hand (I almost lost a finger there !)

Have you ever broke something ? Injured yourself badly ?
Xx. S

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Test manicures

Hello !
I didn't know what to do today so I started trying out some nail art, in order to find what would be my next manicure ... :)

I used the following polishes:
Index: Essence - High waist pink as base color and flower made with Catrice - 470 snow motion and Essence - Andy you're a star
Middle finger: H&M - Preppy pink as base and dotted with 470 snow motion
Ringfinger: H&M - preppy pink as base and dots made with Seventeen - 278, Essence - High waist pink, Erre Due - 228 and 470 snow motion
Pinkie: Essence - Roy's red as base, and flowers made with 470 snow motion and Andy you're a star

This last finger was inspired by Stacie's Daisies manicure :)
If you like nail art, you must already be one of her followers ! 
She's more than good !

So guys, which one is your favorite ?
Xx. S

Saturday, 14 May 2011

1st dotted tips manicure ! :)

Hello girls ! :)

Today I'm gonna show you a dotted mani I made, I was testing out the dotting tool I got from Cel, I've never used one before, so please be kind on me :)
I think it turned out pretty well for a first time, and I'm planning to do one with softer shades ...
Anyway, here it is:

I used Essence - Roy's red for the whole nail (oh how I love this color !) 
and dotted with Essence - Andy you're a star, You've got the art, High waist pink and H&M - Hot minnie 

I think it looks so cute ! like smarties or something ! :)

Last week I was asked which color I would never wear on my nails and I said green, and here I am walking around with green dots on them ! :) 
(I know they show up yellow in the pictures, and in real life also a bit but It's actually a lime kind of color, very fresh !)
Which color would you never wear ?

Have you ever done one of these ? 
Xx. S

1st swap with Christina !

Hey guys, 
I got another package yesterday, the second one being one from Christina from Cel's blog
and this is actually my first swap ! :)

Look at all those pretty things !! That ring she made me ! and the Oreo chocolate ! And those polishes ! 
I think I'm in L.O.V.E ! :)

Christina, you're AWESOME ! I also love the cat templates, so so so cute ! 
I can't stop saying how happy I am about this stuff, you did a great job picking those things for me !

I have too many manicure ideas coming up in my mind and I'm supposed to study :(
Cel, Thank you a lot again and I hope you'll get my package soon ! 

Xx. S

Friday, 13 May 2011

Price Package arrived !

Yay I got some packages waiting for me when I got home today, SO cool ! :)

I was 3rd at Mon coin à moua's 1000+ giveaway, (please check out her blog if you hadn't done it yet, and if you have, just check it again, she really is a nice blogger and is worth it !)

Let's see what I've got !

2 Catherine Arley's (803 and 805), Essence metallics copper rules eyeshadow palette, P2 vibrant and gigantic, Essence Roy's red, andy you're a star, you've got the art, high waist pink, and nothing else metals, Revlon bolt, Asos Cherry, Manhattan 12D, Hard candy mirage and last but not least, H&M hot minnie ! 

I'm SO happy with these, love love love ! 
Thank you again Marie !

Xx. S

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Taupe/Purple Comparison

While it was sunny today, and I had nothing to do, (except studying, but that's just not as fun as swatching nail polish) I did a quick comparison, ok they're not the most summery colors, but whatever, they're pretty anyway ! 

From index to pinkie: Topshop - delusion, Catrice - from dusk to dawn, Claire's - 289 (?) and last but not least, Chanel - Paradoxal 

In my mind they all looked so alike (except delusion) and when I saw them on my nails I was shocked (Ok not truly shocked but I didn't expect that much difference)

On this one the colors look a lot more alike again, 
I must say I love them all, I've been wearing them a lot this winter, but maybe my favorite of the bunch is...   From dusk to dawn ! 
I love the brownish shade, love love love !

Do you own a lot of this kind of color ?
Do you own one of these ?
Xx. S

Hema - One Coat 205

Hello Sunshines ! 

I got for you today a super pretty pink ! 
It's packed with golden shimmer and ...
I just love how it looks in the sunshine :)

Please don't mind the cuticles 8-) They're in a bad mood today ...
The polish is supposed to be opaque in one coat, which it was, but I did 2 anyway, so the color is even more popping 

Here you can see the shimmer, and the bubbling, I don't know what I have lately, but every single polish bubbles on me :( And I promise I wait till the base coat and first coat are dry ! 
are there any other ways to avoid that ?

So what do you guys think ?
Ps: Ivana, I hope you like this one, cause I bought it for you too ! :)
Xx. S

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Berry comparison !

Ladies !

I got for you a berry comparison, featuring my 2 little stepsisters, Hélène and Camille :)
I'm so glad it's sunny today ! =)
The fingers are varnished 2 out of  2 

Clockwise: Camille: (above) left, O.P.I - Huston we have a purple, right, Essence - Plum perfect .
Hélène : up, Claire's - unknown ? and down Catrice - Wrapped around my finger
And last, me: right, Sephora - Disco (see the how the color changes ? :) ) and left, an other unknown Claire's 

I hope it's clear for you guys, tell me if it's not :)
Which is your favorite ? 
Xx. S 

Friday, 6 May 2011

O.P.I - Big hair... big nails

Hi Sweethearts ! 

I have some swatches ready for you, but I got some internet issues at my place so I couldn't post them earlier :(
Anyway, I bought a new polish a few weeks ago, (though I told myself I wouldn't buy any for myself until my swaps were over... I always melt when I see polishes...)

Here's big hair...big nails, and I must admit, I LOVE this color ! Love love love !
I like the fact it's a bit cora l and it turns a bit orange at night, the fact that it's jelly and looks so good with gold and a tanned skin ! 

Again, this jelly went on like butter, but do you have issues with shrinkage or/and tipwear ?

I wish you all a lovely weekend ! 
Xx. S