Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Catrice - From dusk to dawn

Hello dear readers ! 

I hope you all had a nice sunny day like I did ! :)
Today I had a yummy Haägen-Dasz ice-cream in the sun with a friend, lovely feeling :)
And I wore one of my favorite polishes, "From dusk to dawn", from Catrice ! 
I wore this kind of shade almost during the whole winter, but I'm still not sick of it, and though I consider it more like a autumn/winter shade, it matched the spring outfit I wore perfectly :)

This is 3 coats, which are needed to be perfectly opaque, and a topcoat, even if the polish is already shiny on it's own ... I love the way taupe shades look elegant :)

I'll do a taupe comparison someday soon, if anyone is interested ?

Guys, I have a question, did anyone experienced disabled Facebook profiles ? Mine got disabled today, even if I didn't do anything, and it sucks to start everything again with a new profile ! 

Xx. S

Thursday, 24 March 2011

H&M - Preppy pink

Hello !

I hope you guys all have a super sunny day like we have here !
I was in a super girly mood today, so I decided to go for pink, and not just any pink, a super Barbie like one ! I got this polish a few years ago, and never really wore it... Until now :)

This polish isn't that nice to apply... it's too thin, takes 3 coats and it still doesn't look that good in real life... I wouldn't wear this color all the time, but it's super cute for spring I think :)

What are you wearing right now ? Is it also sunny out there ?
Xx. S

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Handwriting tag !

Hi Ladies, 

So I got tagged by Ivana for this thing, so here it is :
Ps: I hope you'll all be able to read this :)

I know, I don't have the easiest handwriting to read, sorry for that :)
A lot of people say I write like a doctor :)
And I like how it looks, but believe me, when I take notes in class, I have to be reaaaally fast and then it just looks like an encephalogram ! 
I had my handwriting analyzed once, you know, you copy a text and they say you something about your character, usually I don't believe these things, but they were so right ! :)
Ever experienced that ?

Here are the rules:
1. What is your name? And your blog name?
2. Blog URL
3. Write: the brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.
4. Favorite quote
5. Favorite song
6. Favorite band/singers
7. Say anything you want
8. Pass it along to a few bloggers

I hope you guys have a nice day ! 

Xx. S

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sort of YSL french

Hi Readers !

As it was sunny today, I thought I might try some summery nail art,
So I did, and took my take on the YSL french manicure :)
They did this kind of thing this winter (?) with a color duo, the plum/orange one was one of it, I always wanted to try it and here it is: 

The colors I used were: Essence - Plum perfect and Sephora - sweet new ride...
I must say the Sephora one is... CRAPPY ! Seriously ! it's thick, it's drooping, it's streaky, if it wasn't such a nice color I would have thrown it away already ! 

Also, it made the whole manicure bubble, and I don't like that at all :(

Overall, I think it's nice :)
And sunny pictures look SO much better, right ?!
Have you ever tried an YSL style french ?

Xx. S

Catrice - Wrapped around my finger

Hi you,

I have the feeling I haven't posted in years ! 
But my camera ran out of battery and I forgot the charger at home :( 
I know I show you guys a lot of reds... But it's my favorite color for polish, and this is quite an interesting one ... Since I love shimmers, my eyes felt on this one very quickly ... It's a red creme packed with A LOT of magenta shimmer :) It's really bright in the sun and I can even spot some blue, very pretty !

It's a very pigmented polish, so application went ok, but the formula was a bit on the tick side, and I think it makes my nails look a bit... greasy ? Clean-up was a hard one, but I guess that's often so with red ones... If anyone has a special technique to remove reds easily, let me know !

The thing is, as you can see, it starts bubbling really fast ! 
I only did 1 coat on the pictures, and my base coat was completely dry :(

Conclusion, on one side I really like the shimmer and so on, on the other side, it wasn't super necessary in my collection, but we never have enough enamel right ? :)

Xx. S

WANTED Dior - Silk Roses

Sweet sweet followers, 

In this post I'll show you my favorite polish ever ! 
I got this one from my grandmother's sister, and it's super old, and discontinued, so I can't find it anywhere :(
So, IF ANYONE, finds me a DUPE of this one, really, I'd be SO pleased ! 
It's a superb old pink, like a grandma rose color, with a great package of silver shimmer (you can see it on top of the bottle), I love this color so much because it's so wearable, and still something a bit special... And I can't seem to find anything like it ! It's always darker, or pinker :( 

I know the pictures suck and I'll post a picture of my nails polished with it later, because as my bottle is sadly almost empty, I try to keep it for a special occasion :)

So, this is just a cry for help :)
Contact me if you saw something alike somewhere ! 
Xx. S

Thursday, 3 March 2011

O.P.I - Huston we have a Purple

Hello Ladies :)

I know it's a bit late, over here they didn't sell any, so I had to go to Lille (in France) to have some and they only had "meh" colors ! And now, as I was walking around in Brussels, I saw this HUGE O.P.I ad in a perfume shop, god, I think my heart stopped !
So, I went in and, they had the texas collection ! Second heart-attac.
I think a looked at the bottles like for 30' with the eyes of a little girl looking at Barbies in a shop... Seriously, the people working there must have thought I was crazy or that I had never seen nail polish in my whole life ! :)

Finally, I picked up Huston we have a purple... I didn't know weather to take this one or Do you think I'm tex-y... And god, when I see how much I love this one, I'm DEFINITELY gonna pick up the other one next week ! So here it is: a gorgeous I would call it something like purple based red, if that makes any sense, in real life it's the exact same color as the flower, 4 coats that went on like a dream, and dried pretty fast (I LOVE THAT BRUSH!)

3 days ago I fell off a 3m high platform (don't ask me why) and I cut my hand very bad... I also broke 2 nails, so I decided to shorten them all a bit down and make them an other shape... which I shouldn't have done... It bothers me I can't make them all exactly the same length/shape, grr... What do you think about that shape ?

I know the pictures are bad quality but I only had my phone with me and I was to exited to post to wait till I had a decent camera, that's also why the pictures are not that color related... :)
Anyway, this polish goes straight to my fave 3, and jelly is totally my favorite finish !
Do you own any jellies ? The texas collection ? What do you think about the color ?

Xx. S