Saturday, 17 November 2012

Essence - Stampy Black

Hello Little Loves ! :)

Just a quick post today:
I've been to London a few weeks ago and wanted a black polish, and the only real black polish I own is this one for stamping...

Do you guys know a good black (with a little depth, if you know what I mean) to propose to me ?

Lots of love, 
Xx. S

Friday, 2 November 2012

Pink Poljubi

Hello little Pumpkins ! 

Ivana from Ivana thinks pink made me this polish a while ago, as we were craving Deborah Lippman's Glitter in the air, (which we both got eventually).

It's a super cute strong pink polish with glitter in it, and when I see it it makes me think of candyyyy :)
Love. Love. Love

Omnomnom Cupcakes ! We had a some cupcake fever going on yesterday, I think we made 30 of them... Don't even know how we are gonna be able to eat all of those, haha :D

You guys want a homemade cupcake too ? Pick one: 

Xx. S

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Catrice - Raspberry fields forever

Hellowwww ! 

Summertime ! 
So, today I have a cool polish on, that makes me sing: "Raspberry fiiiiiieeellllds foreveeeer" !
( I know I know it's supposed to be strawberry, but whatever)

I love these little sour candies, what about you guys ?

I hope you enjoy a good barbecue like I'm doing now :)
Kiss kiss !

Xx. S

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

L.A. Colors - Tahiti Sunrise

Hi Loves !

Long time no see ! I've missed blogging :)
I'm back with a lovely summery polish, Tahiti sunrise ! This bottle is actually from Mexico ! :)

What I really love about this polish is the shimmer, it adds a lot of depth... In some lights it looks like a blue shimmer, in other it's pink !

Oh gosh, please don't mind the super weird ringfinger shape on the picture 8-)

out this polish is the shimmer, it adds a lot of depth... In some lights it looks like a blue shimmer, in others it's pink ! Sadly I couldn't capture it in a picture :( 
Oh and it holds on for AAAAAAAGES ! Even with swimming for hours and hours, NO PROBLEM :)

I have a question for you guys, what if, since I'm so out of time for the moment, I just post like 1 or 2 pictures in a post rather than not post at all ? How does that sound ?

Xx. S

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Only You - Acid Love

Hello Sweethearts ! 

I hope all of you are GREAT and had a lovely weekend ! 
I went to see my niece, she lives almost at the other side of the country, so unfortunately we don't see each other a lot, but when we do, we always have a wonderful time ! 
We had the busiest weekend, we did so many things, just to enjoy being together for once :)
We even made a blogpost together ! Here it is:

While we went shopping, we bought a polish from "Only You": it's a "new" brand available in the Benelux in Ici Paris XL. I already own one of their polish (Geisha - post coming up soon) which I love, but trust me, Acid Love is even a nicer one ! The finish is MEGA shiny and it stays on pretty long without a chip ! 

Ow, on this picture my hands (on the left) look square but whatever, you can see that this red/coral shade just yells summer ! I love love love it, it instantly makes you feel like drinking cocktails ! :)
What do you think ? Ever tried/heard of the brand Only You ?

Cheers ! Santé ! Gezondheid ! Prosit ! :)

Xx. S

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Essie - Mint Candy Apple

Hello Lovely readers :)

Gosh, I love it: flowers are coming out, the trees are getting greener, it's sunnier and warmer... 
YAY for Springtime !

So here's another fresh post with an Essie polish ! :)

Mint Candy Apple is gorgeous, it instantly reminds me of warm weather, a fresh breeze, and MOJITO !
As it's a polish that lacks a bit of depth (you get what I mean?) so I usually add a coat of a Catrice top coat, but I don't remember the name, it's one that adds a blue shimmer/hue to a color)
This does add a little somethin' somethin' to MCA :)
Buuuuuut, I wanted to show the color on it's own (okay I admit, I forgot the polish at home :P)

Here I did 3 coats, but that's just because it seems like I'm clumsy today :(
You can easily rock this one after 2 coats !

I'm disappointed, in real life, my nails, necklace, ring and pants are the exact same color, but it doesn't show off on pictures, I was so proud I was completely matchy-matchy ! :)
What color reminds YOU of spring ?

Anyway, enjoy your sunday honeys !
Xx. S

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

O.P.I - The one that got away

Hello Ladies !

Ah the sun is out here in Belgium, I love it !
I'm so craving for summer now !

This is one of the Katy Perry collection I think, it's a good polish, but it's a bit too "heavy" for my taste:
ya know, glitter + multi-chrome (pink/red/green/blue) is a bit too much for me :-/

Overall, it's OPI quality :)
Great brush, 2 coats, shiny...
Everything we love !
Oh it also stays on for AAAAAGES ! :)

Have a nice day lovelies !
Xx. S

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Essence - Hello Holo !

Hello my sweethearts !

Ok, taking pictures of a holographic polish is officially the hardest thing to do.
Every tip is welcome !

Anyway, here is Hello Holo, and gosh it's an "in-your-face-holo! -mani" ! 
I'm so sad I wasn't able to catch it in his full glory ! 

Even now, it's dark in my room and still my nails are glitter all over !
In fact it's not a "real" holo like for example the Catherine Arley's, but more like a clear polish packed with holographic glitter.

 I like it's formula, cause it doesn't take like 53279545094 coats to be opaque, I think I did 4, and trust me, it dries SUPER fast, so you won't spend HOURS to have a flashy manicure !

Look at all this ! Disco ball nails ! <3

I wish I could pull this off more often... 
Would you wear such a mani on a daily basis ? :)

Ps: Pour toutes mes lectrices francophones, merci de répondre à ces questions: 

Xx. S

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Essence - What do U think (old version)

Baby where did you get your polish from ?
I got it from Ivana !

Haha ok, I'm going Bananas !

I think it's absolutely lovely !

Check how it matches the new scarf I knitted ! :P
I am aware that all of my last posts include scarves, I'm sorry for that, but I'm SO into them now !
And as spring is in the city, we have to enjoy our last moments with them :)

Another thing I ADORE about this polish: it dries SUPER fast, like really, 2 minutes and you're done !
The formula is a bit streaky, so on some fingers you'll need 3 coats :)
But the color is just perfect for mid season, flashy but not too much ! 

Oh, one last thing, I think they have another version of this polish right now, it's packed with shimmer, while this has none, and I really prefer this one, Thanks again Iv' ! :)

Oh, I usually don't ask these things, but could you rate this picture for me on the link below please ?

Thanks a Looooot ! Kisses to all of you ! 

Xx. S

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chanel- Paradoxal


What a great number, isn't it ? :) 

I got this polish when it came out from a special someone...
So when I'm wearing it, a lot of memories come back 

The color is LOVELY, really, it goes with nearly everything, it's chic and glossy and if you like those kind of colors, definitely go for it !
The only sad thing of it, is that it doesn't last long on me, it starts chipping after one night... 
any tips for making it last longer ?

On the picture above, you can see (a bit) that it's packed with purple shimmer, it's hard to capture on picture, and not always visible on the nail, but it gives dimension to the color, it adds depth and makes it more special than just a plain taupe.

I changed this last picture a bit, so it's not that color accurate,
but I think it's a nice and soft picture :)

Do you also have polished you care a lot about ?
I'd like to know which one !

Xx. S

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Essence - Gold old Buffy (Vampire's Love collection)

Hi there ! 

Wow 250 followers ! Gosh, thank you all ! I know it's cliché to say but it's true, I never thought I'd get there ! :)

Today's post is about a black polish, it's usually not my cup of tea, but I like this one :)
Maybe it's because of the gold shimmer, and therefore it looks a bit greenish ! 

Indeed, this one has loads of shimmer in it, I love it !
the name is cool too, suits the collection well, though I didn't like Buffy, I was suuuuper scared of those series, but then again, I'm afraid of everything, even of Charmed (you guys remember that?)

Yes I'm knitting, it's a bit a grandma thing, but I like doing that, and I wanted a tube scarf, so that's why I started... but it's sooo time consuming ! :P
Btw: I did 2 coats, and 1 coat of Catrice growth supply on top, no idea why I did that :-/

Have a nice day loves ! 

Xx. S

Sunday, 15 January 2012

S-he - 224

Hi there :)

As promised, I'm back with another blogspost :)
I was initially only gonna post it tomorrow, but when I write a blogpost, I'm too impatient and I want you all to see it immediately, sorry for that :-/

I got this polish a while ago from Ivana, and I don't get why I didn't wear it more often...
I just love the silver shimmer in it ! Application went very well too, I did 3 coats, but actually 2 would have been enough, I just had to correct a few imperfections 
(We all know it's hard to eat when nails are wet)

Overall it's a very wearable pink, even in the winter, sometimes, I feel like some pinks are too bright to wear in cold weather, see what I mean ?

Ah isn't our puppy a cutie ?
I melt when I see this pictures :)

Xx. S

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Catrice - Chinchilly

Hello my Sunshines ! 

I'm back ! I know, I know, I haven't posted since AGES ! 
But I'm gonna change this ! 
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a better blogger :)
So ladies, help me with it and tell me what you'd like to change/be improved, 
whatever it is, you name it ! 

First polish of this year is from Catrice: Chinchilly !

It's not a color that I usually wear, but it matched my outfit :) 
(You know I'm obsessed with that :P)
Overall, the polish is good quality, though, when directly against the sun, you can see trough it and I absolutely don't like that :(

After 2 coats, you're pretty much ready to go (excepted the see through in the sun effect)
It's glossy and surprisingly, the color isn't dull. There is a kind of depth to it, 
even if it's a plain creme :) 

I also ombre dyed my hair a few days ago 
(I know it's not that visible on this picture, but in real life, my tips are quite blonde/ginger, let's say strawberry blonde, and I L.O.V.E it ! :) )

So little ones, don't forget, if you want me to improve something, make regular swatches, bigger pictures, more pictures or more polish related comments, please tell me ! 

With Love, 
Xx. S