Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Catrice let's mauve on


I don't know what I have lately, I feel like I'm only buying pastel shades, although I don't really like wearing them. Well, I must admit I didn't find one that really suited me neither, maybe this time :)
I present you: "Let's mauve on" !
This one is a nice pink/lilac, packed with some silver shining

I'm not used to wear this kind of shades, I feel like it's not me, I really do love pink though, but I get bored by it really fast, and I tend to think I'm wearing falsies :S
I have "let's mauve on" on my nails for a day now, I'm still not used to it, I hope i'll grow on me !

Application was nice, but it's not an easy one to clean up !
Anyway, 2 coats and ready to go !
What do you think about this color ?

Xx. S

Sunday, 23 January 2011

First Post: Hema long lasting 85

First of all, hello readers :)

This nail polish is a kind of vibrant cherry red, I was really eager for some color after all those dark shades I wore lately...

The formula is kinda different from the other Hema polishes, it applied very smoothly, as it was very thin (I like it thin though) but even though it was thin, I got perfect coverage in just 2 coats.
Also it didn't dried as shiny as the others, but not matte neither. Since I like it glossy, I added a topcoat (as usual)

I know, I know, its kind of a weird picture, but I guess it shows the polish "in action", how it really is :)
That's it for today,
Xx. S