Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Essence - Best friends

Hello ladies !

Today I'll show you Best friends 06 from Essence... I have this little guy for almost a year now, and I never wore it before... And I can't seem to find a reason why. I remember not liking him at that time...

I've lacquered my nails with it yesterday as I was gonna do a half moon manicure, but I'll just keep it like this, it looks very feminine I think :) 
And my fingers look sooo long !

The downside of this polish is the finish, which is a typical pearl finish, and it's rather tricky to apply... as you can see, it looks kinda streaky... is there a trick to make it look more even ? Maybe a topcoat ? I'm not wearing one on the pictures.

What I liked about this one is that it's not really a white pearl, there's a little pink tint to it in the bottle... But I can't seem to find it on the nails... and that's a bit of a pity... Maybe in a different light :)
Do you own a lot of pearls ? Manage to make them not look streaky ?
Xx. S

Friday, 18 February 2011

Chocolate and red nails !

Quick post, just because I wanted to tell you, in case you didn't know, 

I'm still wearing Essence Plum perfect, which is a true chameleon, it's bright, then plum, then real red, then berry, I just love it ! What I don't love is that awful tip wear ! :( It chips after 1(!) day :(
Xx. S

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hema - Diamond 11


Today I purchased this little beauty :)
And I'm glad I did :) My nails look a bit greasy on the pictures, I don't really know why...
Anyway, here is Diamond 11 ! 

 As usual, the polish applied like butter, 2 coats, no topcoat ...

I'm not such a glitter girl, so I needed to tone it down a bit by adding a matte top coat... This one is from Claire's, I like it a lot, no problems with application, and no streaks at all, so no problems so far...

The thing i like about it is that it's very subtle but still special, like I made my own suede :)

What do you think about this one ? Do you think I'm crazy putting a matte coat above that shimmer ?

One thing I don't like about Hema polishes is that they don't have real names, but only the type of polish + a number, like "Long lasting 79" or "wetlook 03",... It can be really annoying sometimes, I like it when polishes have names... How would you call this one ?

Xx. S

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hema - long lasting 79

Hi guys, 

Today I'm gonna post about a nail polish that doesn't suit me at all...

This dark red, more like black polish is pretty though, but not on me... It's a pity, cause the shimmer is GORGEOUS ! It's like red and purple, lovely, but really hard to capture with my camera...

It applied like a dream ! It went on super smoothly, 2 coats and it's opaque and the pictures are taken without any topcoat, so as you see, it's super shiny :)

The thing is, it's just not my kind of shade... So it's gonna go right into the swap box... it has been opened once, just to swatch it, and I did just one hand, so if you're interested, contact me ! 

Xx. S

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Essence - Plum perfect

Hi !

Raspberries sorbet... yummy, this is exactly what this polish makes me think of :)
It's a nice shade and I absolutely love the brush, it went on smoooothly ! 
Also, even if it's very pigmented (A coat is enough, 2 might have been better but I'm lazy today) it cleans up super well ! No staining whatsoever, really nice !
The downside of plum perfect is, or more like the downside of my camera is that the color doesn't seem to show itself perfectly on photo... That's why the picture is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E !

Also I wanted to review the "express dry drops" from essence, it really does work, but, I must say I think it's a bit "dangerous": You think your polish is dry so you act like super adventurous and do stuff like, button your jeans or put on nylons, but in fact, it's not that dry yet :(
(Ok I admit, maybe thats just me)

Anyway, nice polish color and drops :)
Xx. S

Friday, 11 February 2011

Claire's 121

Hey you, 

Guys, I'm sorry I'm only posting (boring) nudes lately, but I promise I'll show you some more color this week ! The reason why you'll see less nude colors is because I found this pretty one :)

I think this one is the one, the perfect nude I was looking for, it's exactly the same tone as my skin, I feel a bit like a mannequin (the one in the stores).
121 is easy to wear, it goes with everything ! And it's not really popping, so it's nice when you need to tone down a bit...

     The formula is fine, a bit on the tick side, but no worries, and we're ready to go after 2 coats and a topcoat! It's not a super shiny polish on it's own, and even with a high shine topcoat (essence) it doesn't really stand out, but it's ok that way !
Here's a close-up, please don't mind that hair on my finger, it's the best close-up I have and I just noticed it :(


Nude shades can look sooo elegant, I love it !

What do you think, should a nude be exactly the same color as your skin tone or should it be a tad darker or lighter ? 
Xx. S

Polish list

Hey guys, 

I want to show you my little polish lists, I am a huge lists freak, I tend to classify everything with colored maps and stuff, you should see me when I study :)
So I did the same with nail polish, so I remember what I have without looking at every single bottle...
I'll let the pictures do the talking, so here are some of my lists:

Here's a close-up:

 I also tend to comment every color, when it's sheer or if I don't have it anymore,or it being almost empty, so I can get some back-ups :)

 Xx. S

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hema Long lasting 13

Hi there,

This is another one of my attempts to find the perfect nude for me...
It's a nice peachy-salmon-pink (I really have issues with describing colors !) packed with a wonderful silver shimmer . I just love it when cremes have a subtle shimmer, like for example Chanel Riva and Paradoxal,...

The formula is, as most of the Hema polishes, just fine ! Easy application, full coverage in only 2 coats,
which surprised me as I was expecting it to be very sheer, AND it is already glossy on it's own (I'm wearing a topcoat on the pictures though) 

The problem is... It's still not the nude shade I'm searching for... it's looking classy but, doesn't really match my skin tone, and sometimes I just feel like I'm wearing pieces of salmon on my nails :) ... 

Anyhow, It may be a good one to use as "base color" for a ruffian or something :)
I'm gonna try this out !

Xx. S

Topshop - Delusion

So I went away for the weekend and brought this little one back home with me,
I can't find a lot of Topshop nail polish pictures online, which is sad cause I want to see a lot of them ! They really have nice shades, and the bottles are adorable !

Delusion is a nice color, one of the most "flashing" ones I own, for winter I mean. (this may sound silly but I'm rather traditional with colors, even more in winter) 

What I like a lot about this polish, is that it look reaaaally grey in some lights, and like a blueish lilac in another :)
I love it !

Application was nice, but not like "Oh-my-god-it's-like-butter" but hey, 2 coats, looks great, I'm glad !

Please keep in mind those pictures were taken after the third day of wear and it's really cold here so my hands look terrrrrrible ! I also had to shorten my nails, as I broke 2 of them... luckily they grow fast !
I don't feel really comfy now though...

Xx. S