Wednesday, 28 March 2012

O.P.I - The one that got away

Hello Ladies !

Ah the sun is out here in Belgium, I love it !
I'm so craving for summer now !

This is one of the Katy Perry collection I think, it's a good polish, but it's a bit too "heavy" for my taste:
ya know, glitter + multi-chrome (pink/red/green/blue) is a bit too much for me :-/

Overall, it's OPI quality :)
Great brush, 2 coats, shiny...
Everything we love !
Oh it also stays on for AAAAAGES ! :)

Have a nice day lovelies !
Xx. S

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Essence - Hello Holo !

Hello my sweethearts !

Ok, taking pictures of a holographic polish is officially the hardest thing to do.
Every tip is welcome !

Anyway, here is Hello Holo, and gosh it's an "in-your-face-holo! -mani" ! 
I'm so sad I wasn't able to catch it in his full glory ! 

Even now, it's dark in my room and still my nails are glitter all over !
In fact it's not a "real" holo like for example the Catherine Arley's, but more like a clear polish packed with holographic glitter.

 I like it's formula, cause it doesn't take like 53279545094 coats to be opaque, I think I did 4, and trust me, it dries SUPER fast, so you won't spend HOURS to have a flashy manicure !

Look at all this ! Disco ball nails ! <3

I wish I could pull this off more often... 
Would you wear such a mani on a daily basis ? :)

Ps: Pour toutes mes lectrices francophones, merci de répondre à ces questions: 

Xx. S