Sunday, 23 January 2011

First Post: Hema long lasting 85

First of all, hello readers :)

This nail polish is a kind of vibrant cherry red, I was really eager for some color after all those dark shades I wore lately...

The formula is kinda different from the other Hema polishes, it applied very smoothly, as it was very thin (I like it thin though) but even though it was thin, I got perfect coverage in just 2 coats.
Also it didn't dried as shiny as the others, but not matte neither. Since I like it glossy, I added a topcoat (as usual)

I know, I know, its kind of a weird picture, but I guess it shows the polish "in action", how it really is :)
That's it for today,
Xx. S

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  1. Oooh, I *love* your application and nail shape! Love it! Welcome to gigantic nail-polish blogsphere and thank you for following my little neck of internet. :)