Monday, 4 April 2011

Lace !

Good evening ladies ! 

I hope you're all doing fine ! :)
Today I bought some lace stickers at "Réserve Naturelle" a little store here that have a lot of beauty supplies ... They come square shaped, which I find interesting, so you can give them the shape you like, they're not that expensive, which is a plus point too 

I reallllly love these :) It looks so feminine ! 
I put these over 2 coats of Nivea 07 lavender, which is really a pain to apply ! It's super streaky...

They applied really easily, I had some of these brands before and stay on for a "long" time, I hope these will do too ! I'll definitely buy those again, sadly they have only 2 different designs in stores now :(
I can't wait for them to get other ones !

I'll try to wear them as a ruffian next time, over a darker color I think :)

What do you think ?

Xx. S


  1. Very pretty! :) Makes me want to do a french manicure soon!

  2. So elegant and classy! I love it! <3 Your nails are so beautiful!

  3. very beautiful! love the simplicity!

  4. The is stunning! One of the best looks I have seen in quite some time ;)

  5. Oooh, this is so pretty. I have never seen it before and really like it. Definitely classy