Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chanel- Paradoxal


What a great number, isn't it ? :) 

I got this polish when it came out from a special someone...
So when I'm wearing it, a lot of memories come back 

The color is LOVELY, really, it goes with nearly everything, it's chic and glossy and if you like those kind of colors, definitely go for it !
The only sad thing of it, is that it doesn't last long on me, it starts chipping after one night... 
any tips for making it last longer ?

On the picture above, you can see (a bit) that it's packed with purple shimmer, it's hard to capture on picture, and not always visible on the nail, but it gives dimension to the color, it adds depth and makes it more special than just a plain taupe.

I changed this last picture a bit, so it's not that color accurate,
but I think it's a nice and soft picture :)

Do you also have polished you care a lot about ?
I'd like to know which one !

Xx. S


  1. The polish is beautiful and I love those photos! <3

  2. Your pictures are amazing, I love your nails, beautiful as always.

  3. I love your pictures! Anyways, this reminds me I should pull out my Revlon dupe as I haven't worn it in forever! This color looks gorgeous with that cable scarf your wearing!

  4. Hello, I just came across your blog and I just have to echo everyone above, your pictures are gorgeous! I especially love the last one! I love the polish too! It's a really unique looking purplish-gray color. Awesome!

  5. I love how you photographed your nails while holding flowers ... it definitely looks pretty with them! :)

  6. While I do not have this colour I have its dupes... and it truly is one of my favourites... I also like baby blues and nudes :D