Saturday, 14 January 2012

Catrice - Chinchilly

Hello my Sunshines ! 

I'm back ! I know, I know, I haven't posted since AGES ! 
But I'm gonna change this ! 
One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a better blogger :)
So ladies, help me with it and tell me what you'd like to change/be improved, 
whatever it is, you name it ! 

First polish of this year is from Catrice: Chinchilly !

It's not a color that I usually wear, but it matched my outfit :) 
(You know I'm obsessed with that :P)
Overall, the polish is good quality, though, when directly against the sun, you can see trough it and I absolutely don't like that :(

After 2 coats, you're pretty much ready to go (excepted the see through in the sun effect)
It's glossy and surprisingly, the color isn't dull. There is a kind of depth to it, 
even if it's a plain creme :) 

I also ombre dyed my hair a few days ago 
(I know it's not that visible on this picture, but in real life, my tips are quite blonde/ginger, let's say strawberry blonde, and I L.O.V.E it ! :) )

So little ones, don't forget, if you want me to improve something, make regular swatches, bigger pictures, more pictures or more polish related comments, please tell me ! 

With Love, 
Xx. S


  1. I want you to post like every other day, YES. :))) Your pics are gorgeous, I really like your outfit! :*

  2. I agree with Ivana... I approve of you posting more often ;)
    I love your photos and the shades you choose! I like the soft pastels you feature. Do you wear darker campy shades too?
    I am a HUGE fan of Catrice... HUGE! Lovely shade for your first post of the year

  3. Chinchilly has been on my wish list for ages and for some reason I still haven't bought it yet. I need to change that soon!

  4. - All: Thank you very much lovely girls :)

    - Marta: I do wear dark colors, like black with shimmer and stuff, but I don't feel like I can pull it off, I think it looks sexy, but at the same time I feel like a witch :(
    I'll blog about them once my nails are a bit shorter :)

  5. Yay for ombre hair!!! I'm sure it looks amazing <3 Feel free to hit me up with a better picture of that I would love to see it! In terms of what you should feature more I would say maybe trying to post a close-up shot of your nails as well as the creative ones you always do (which I love) just so we can admire the colours up close too. (: Hope you're having a great year so far xoxo

  6. That's a pretty shade. It looks great on you. And with the outfit, lol.

  7. Love this! I am so into grey. This colour is amazing :)

  8. Coucou ma belle!
    Ça faisait un petit bout de temps ;) Bonne Année au fait!:)
    Comment ça va? T'as repris le droit ou t'es partie sur autre chose? Ils me manquaient tes posts!
    Et, surtout, ne change rien! Tes photos sont magnifiques!!!
    Grosses bises et à bientôt!!

  9. - Cristina; Hey Sweetie ! Je vais bien et toi ? bonne année à toi aussi ! :)
    J'ai arrêté le droit et je suis partie sur Marketing, ça me plait beaucoup plus, c'est plus "vivant" :)
    Lots of kisses !

  10. Hey !

    Juste pour te dire que je t'ai tagué sur mon blog ;)