Friday, 24 June 2011

Essence - Mellow Yellow

Do you want some candy ? 

Today I have another polish another fresh summery polish for you,
I warn you, I'm not responsible for making you hungry ;)
I'm sooo proud of these pictures :)

So I think I felt a bit adventurous 2 days ago, swaps make me wanna buy other things than I usually would; Nicole wanted a pastel pink and as I bought one for her, I thought I might pick one for myself, the bottle looked so cute ! 

I turned it matte by using Hema's matte topcoat, and as much as I love the pictures, 
I don't feel like it's really a "me" color... 

What do you guys think about this ?

Xx. S


  1. The colour is super pretty and I really think it suits your skin tone. I love how creative you are with your nail shots!

  2. Ohhhhh superleuke foto's inderdaad :D Je mag trots zijn! Ik heb deze week ook geel opgehad hihi. Ook al is het kleur je ding misschien niet echt, 't staat je wel heel goed. Gewoon doen!

  3. It looks like summer is on its way. I do like it on you!

  4. Ö I want candy now! :) Really beautiful pics, I love the color too, it's so pretty even matte. ♥

  5. Die heb ik ook gekocht (net als you belong to me) maar nog niet gebruikt. Ik vind hem jou in ieder gval héél leuk staan, zeker die matte finish is mooi hier!

  6. oooh cant wait for my bottle it does look like a really good color on you!!!

  7. Lovely pics! I have this polish myself but on my skin tone it looks bright instead of pale yellow as the bottle would show :( I should try using a mat top coat over it, too, and see what happens! Great idea :)

  8. I ADORE Essence nail polishes, I think I've got me every single bright color for this summer! :) I've worn this Mellow Yellow few times!
    Great photos! :)

  9. really gorgeouS!i love the way you take pictures on it! especially nails are beautiful with yellow polish, :) by the way im a new follower. i enjoy reading your blog. :)

    visit my blog :)

  10. Now I want candy!This is such a pretty picture. It looks soo professional! I love pastels and I think this one looks great on you. I have a yellow similar from China Glaze called lemon fizz. I gave you two awards also, I love reading ur blog! Keep it up