Saturday, 4 June 2011

Essie Bachelorette bash (with Carrie)

Hi ! 

I was wearing this mani for the past few days, but didn't even take one single shot of it until now, I'm a bad blogger ! :( 
Buuuuut my excuse is, I have exams going on ;)

This is bachelorette bash, the first Essie I've tried :)
I like the formula and the color :) though it's a lot more vibrant in real life !!
I added 1 coat of Carrie (from Essence's twin collection) on top, I kinda liked the look ;)

Oh yeah, I don't think that's really tipwear my other hand had none, I fell from the stairs, I think that's the reason ;)

Xx. S 

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  1. Ou, pretty! I like this colour a lot and the glitter as an accent is quite fun!