Saturday, 4 June 2011

Essie Tangerine

Hello all of you pretty followers !

I'm wearing a suuuuuper pretty polish now ! 
Meet tangerine :) It's quite neon in real life :)

Have I ever told you that I L.O.V.E coral ?
I think it's such a nice shade, really, I'm in love !

I was eating this super yummy thing, I needed a picture of that !
I filled the wrap with tandoori chicken, salad, tomatoes and cucumber, oh how I love cucumber, it's so fresssssh ! 

Anyway, back to the lovely polish ;)
The application was ok, but I did experience a few bald spots, and I hate that ! :(
It's not that crazy glossy on it's own (no topcoat on the pictures) but with topcoat it looks just perfect :)
(I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of that :D)

What do you think about this one girls ? :)

Ps: before I forget, do you have any ideas how to fix curling nails ?
Xx. S


  1. Beautiful shade. I am so into this color right now.
    Curling nails may be dehydrated. Try some hydrating treatment and oil. You can also use a good hand cream under your nails.

  2. I love coral too - it is probably my favourite summer colour! I love the top you're wearing & your lunch looks/sounds delish! :)

  3. Seriously these picture blew me away.. I love the top, your nails, hands, food... Everything... What a super pretty lady you are! <3

  4. - Alluring_mum: Thank you for the hints, I'll try it out for sure ! It doesn't show up that much right now as my nails are oval but when they're square I hate it !

    - A polished touch: Thankssss It WAS delicious :) I can still taste it in my mind, I wish I had more of it ! :D

    - Iv': haha you made me laugh, "what a super pretty lady you are" haha you don't see any of me :D

  5. Just like Ivana, I loved everything you were wearing... and eating ;D
    I'm in love with corals. I think I own 4 or 5 coral polishes (in different shades) ;)

  6. Awwww that's such a pretty colour on you!
    Very summery and bright :D

  7. I love the color of this polish! It's very bright and clean. This is a great color for you :)

    I followed you :)