Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Barry M - 292

Cheerio ! 

I'm back from Bournemouth guys ! 
I had like, the best time ever :)

I went to visit Claire, one of the best friends a girl can have, she's studying there for a year,
and she took today's post pictures :)

Of course I needed to pick up a polish, and as I was wearing blue, I opted for Barry M 292 Navy...
I should have taken more bottles of that brand, but it's gonna be for next time I go !
I really like this color, almost black but with a strong blue flash, it just rocks my nails !

Application was super smooth, really, on the pictures I'm just wearing 1 coat over the pink I had on,
and it dried within seconds !
 I just painted them in the café, so don't analyse the application too much 8-)

I love the UK so much, I go like 3-5 times a year and how I wish I went even more !
Anyway, in the picture above you can see the blue flash, soooo pretty ! 
I remember how I didn't like dark colors before I started blogging, crazy me !

Here's a picture of the yummy things we ate :)
enjoy !

Omnomnom !

Lots of love, 


  1. Prachtig kleurtje! Ik heb de laatste keer 8 Barry M flesjes gekocht toen'k in London was, echt spijt dat ik er niet nog meer gekocht had haha. Ik wil ze allemaal! Next time (:

  2. - Emily: Kheb net hetzelfde gevoel, khad er veeeel meer moeten kopen ! en models own ook ! maja reden te meer om terug te gaan naar Engeland ! ;)

  3. Lovely. Nails and good company and good food and just yum!
    You make every colour so pretty!!!!

  4. You and your nails are beautiful :)
    And this huge coffee looks sooo tempting :)

  5. Oh dear God, what is that that you're drinking?? I want it NOW! It looks SO yummy with all the foam and cinnamon/chocolate dust. It's 2 a.m. here and I want a cup for myself right now. :D