Sunday, 6 November 2011

Zoya - Tamsen

Well hello to my pretty readers ! :)

Look how shiny this is !! And this is only 2 coats (1 was enough, really) without topcoat !
And they went on like butter, so easy !
It looks like smashed strawberries on my nails ! :)

Tamsen is a really classy red, on the darker side, but flashy none the less .
I'm reaaaally considering ombre hair, yay or nay ? 

Love, Love, 
Xx. S


  1. Oh how I love a classic red!!

    And I think ombre hair is awesome, go for it!

  2. Gorgeous color and your pics!

  3. Such a lovely classy colour on your pretty nails!
    I am huuuuuuge at matching clothes to nails so two thumbs up from me... lol!
    Ombre hair... go where the wind blows you... you can always dye it back if you don't like it ;)