Saturday, 12 November 2011

OPI - Don't know... beets me

Hi ! 

So, guys, I have an addiction. 
Ok, another one, haha ! At the moment I'm obsessed with matching nails and clothes...
I want the colors to be just the SAME ! :)
I got the dress a few days ago and am in looove with it !  

Don't know... beets me is pink on the first sight, but when you put it next to other bottles, it's more on the purpleish side, I'd say it's magenta :)
Formula is, very OPI, so perfect, as we're used to it :)

But what's with the name ?! Anyone know what it means ?
It's one of the polishes my stepfather brought me from San Diego, I was skeptical at first, but as I already said, I love it now !

The more I look at it, the more I love that color :)
It's flashyyyy and we need color in winter right ?!

Hah and a picture of bit autumn fun ! 

Have a nice weekend sweethearts !
Xx. S


  1. Gorgeous dress and beautiful perfect pink nails! Love it (:

  2. As usual all I can say is Stunning.
    beets are those vegetables that one uses in my Polish tradition to make "barszcz" with :) while they are real purple the insides are often magenta; I would guess that this nail polish name is a 'play on words' about his vegetable?!

  3. - Emily: Thank you Lieverd ! :)

    - Marta: Hah yes I see what you mean, thanks for explaining ! :)

  4. youre too damn cute! i love how you show off your nails!

  5. - Carolina & Cathryn: Thank you so much girls, you're lovely ! :)

  6. I love your clothes and the way you showed us you nail polish !
    Visit me in your spare time =)

  7. Ik heb deze ook... Hij is echt mooi he! Ik heb een exact matchend vestje erbij, daar was ik toen ook zo super happy mee! Erg mooie jurk + bijpassende nageltjes! ♥