Friday, 22 July 2011

H&M - Blue

Hi guys ! :)

I hope you're all doing super well !
I have this blue polish for you today, packed with pearl shimmer for you !

Demi-clef à capeler

Since I'm on a boat, I thought a might do some themed pictures, with useful knots ;)
but I only know the names in french or dutch, sorry for that !

Noeud plat 

Back to the polish, the formula is... really bad... it's thick, streaky, bubbly...
Not cool !
The color on the other side is nice, but nothing extremely special...

Noeud d'arrêt

Overall I enjoyed wearing it ... for 2h, then it started chipping :(
Too bad :( 

Lots of love and sunshine !
Xx. S


  1. Soooooooo pretty on you dear! ♥♥ And girl, you can tie the tief easily with those knots. :D

  2. Love the color, and what a beautiful tanned hands you have!


  3. pretty blue.. and i really like your pics :) very creative!

  4. How unfortunate that it started chipping after only 2 hours! It is a beautiful color though.