Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Biguine - First kiss

 Hello again Sweethearts !

Now I have Biguine - First kiss on my nails, 
one I got in a swap with Cristina, a super super super sweet girl !
She got me looooots of pretty polishes :)

As my camera didn't want to pick up the right color in the sunlight, I needed to make it again with flash, this causes the less original pictures, sorry :(

This polish makes me wanna say: "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie wooooorld" :D
it's a perfect doll color, I mean it, sooo girly :)
I used Hema Longlasting 81 as Underwear, (love using that word for nailpolish :D)
so there's no VNL and it worked ! :)

Other perfect goodies !
From left to right: Modelite L26, Biguine first kiss, Zoya tamsen and sookie, OPI we'll always have Paris, Zoya stephanie (Love the name!) and kieko, Biguine lilas spirit and last but not least, Modelite L32
How cool is that ?

Oh how I love swaps :)
Do you guys often swap ?

Xx. S


  1. pretty polish! and I love the ring! is it a ginger kitty ring? Fab swap, I love swapping, there is something so fun picking things out for people x

  2. - Nicole: Thank you ! :) We should swap once then ;)
    Ginger Kitty ? never heard of it, gonna google it right away ! I got this once in a swap with Christina, from http://celdeconail.blogspot.com, she made it herself, and also has an etsy shop, you should check it ! :)

  3. Pretty color, and your nails are shaped so nicely!

  4. :D Hi hi hi :D
    Et bien, ça aussi ça me dit quelque chose! Quel joli arrangement de bouteilles ;)1 modelite, 2 zoyas, 1 opi, 2 zoyas, 1 modelite :D LOL

    First Kiss te va suuuper bien ;)

  5. I really love the way you make your pictures!

    What a beautiful ring *sighs* I have never done a swap...

  6. Fabulous nails as always my dear!!!
    And I love the photos you took too!
    You got so many lovely swap goodies ^___^
    As you know, I love swaps too!

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