Sunday, 23 October 2011

Essence - Pink punk

Hello Sweethearts ! 

I was going through my stash, not knowing what to wear and the I found this:
"A polish is never hard to find if it's for you" that is what Ivana wrote on that bottle, she's the cutest !
This polish is from the Glam Rock collection and it's an amazing Holo ! :)

The polish is marvelous, I thought it would be to light, but NO !
 It's just as pretty in out the sun ! :)
After 2 coats, I was ready to go, and it's sooo shiny ! :)

The only thing that is sad is that it chips quite quickly :(
This is not the best picture, but the holo effect is the prettiest here :)

I'm going to the hairdressers tomorrow and I'm thinking about having straight bangs, but I don't know what to do yet :)

Until next time, 
Xx. S


  1. Beautiful color and pictures.
    I love the ring!

  2. So pretty! Love your pictures, it's so not just another nail blog!

  3. Oh, j'adore ce rose! Je ne savais pas qu'Essie avait sorti des holos! Je vais voir si je ne le trouve pas encore en vente ;)
    j'espère que tu vas bien, sweetie!

  4. - Carol: Thank you ! I got it from Christina :)

    - Angie: Oh A., I love your comment, that's what I try to do, make a little difference :)

    - Cristina: Ma belle, c'est pas Essie mais Essence :) Mais cherche toujours, j'suis sure que tu eux encore en trouver :)

  5. Oh zut! J'sais pas lire moi! ;) Merci de m'attirer l'attention ;)
    Mais tu sais, je ne trouve pas des Essence à Toulouse... *sigh*

  6. Je t'en enverrai encore si tu veux ? et il y a plein de nouvelles collections, de Catrice aussi ! :)

  7. It's trueeeeee. :) Love it! Love the pics! Love the ring so much! <3