Sunday, 30 October 2011

OPI - We'll aways have Paris + halloween nail art

Hi ! 

No, the skull is not my law teacher's, but as my dad is an osteopath, he has that kind of things lying around :)

I found some nail stickers from 2B last week, and thought they were SO cute, I had to get them ! :)
And as it's halloween, it's the moment to wear them ! 
They didn't last on very long though (If you look well, you can see that some chipped off already)

We'll always have Paris is, on the other side, a very good polish ! 
Opaque in 2 coats, and it looks HOT ! 
I'm really into very dark reds at the moment :)

I felt a bit like a rock chic wearing this mani ;-)
How do you like it ? 

Happy Halloween to you all !
Xx. S


  1. That second pic got me laughing ... and then I felt like the skull and I were having a moment :P

  2. - Loodie: your comment made me laugh soooo much ! :D

  3. LOL!!!!
    This skull is INTENSE! Your nails are super cute! its a skully party!
    How did I miss all of these posts of yours!? I'm sooo behind :D
    loving each one!