Sunday, 2 October 2011

O.P.I - Teenage Dream

Hello ladies ! 

I'm so sorry I was away so long, I've been a bag blogger :( 
But I moved, I changed studies and so on, it was quite a hurry ! 

Aaaand on top of it all, I took some pictures yesterday, but silly me forgot the usb, so I only have some older ones...

I must say the polish is A LOT better in real life...

This polish means a lot to me, every time I see that bottle on my night table, I think of Ivana :)
This is what our friendship started out with :)

Ah my nails were so long then, now they are suuuper short :'(
I love how that glitter polishes made them look like stalactites, don't you think ?

About the polish, I wore it on it's own, but I don't remember how many coats of TD I did, but I know I did 4 coats of topcoat, to get rid of the gritty feeling, oh my, I think you can all imagine how hard it was to take it of ! 

Have a nice week and see you soon ! :)
Xx. S


  1. Welcome back :)
    That's a cute girly mani!

  2. I have this polish and it is very pretty!

  3. Supermooie kleur en je nagels zijn echt mooi lang hier!

  4. It is stuuuuuuuuniing and also special for me just because of you. <3

  5. This is such a glam colour- your nails are such a lovely shape as well :)