Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hema Long lasting 13

Hi there,

This is another one of my attempts to find the perfect nude for me...
It's a nice peachy-salmon-pink (I really have issues with describing colors !) packed with a wonderful silver shimmer . I just love it when cremes have a subtle shimmer, like for example Chanel Riva and Paradoxal,...

The formula is, as most of the Hema polishes, just fine ! Easy application, full coverage in only 2 coats,
which surprised me as I was expecting it to be very sheer, AND it is already glossy on it's own (I'm wearing a topcoat on the pictures though) 

The problem is... It's still not the nude shade I'm searching for... it's looking classy but, doesn't really match my skin tone, and sometimes I just feel like I'm wearing pieces of salmon on my nails :) ... 

Anyhow, It may be a good one to use as "base color" for a ruffian or something :)
I'm gonna try this out !

Xx. S

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