Sunday, 6 February 2011

Topshop - Delusion

So I went away for the weekend and brought this little one back home with me,
I can't find a lot of Topshop nail polish pictures online, which is sad cause I want to see a lot of them ! They really have nice shades, and the bottles are adorable !

Delusion is a nice color, one of the most "flashing" ones I own, for winter I mean. (this may sound silly but I'm rather traditional with colors, even more in winter) 

What I like a lot about this polish, is that it look reaaaally grey in some lights, and like a blueish lilac in another :)
I love it !

Application was nice, but not like "Oh-my-god-it's-like-butter" but hey, 2 coats, looks great, I'm glad !

Please keep in mind those pictures were taken after the third day of wear and it's really cold here so my hands look terrrrrrible ! I also had to shorten my nails, as I broke 2 of them... luckily they grow fast !
I don't feel really comfy now though...

Xx. S

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  1. Oh i love this color, It looks like such a pretty grey color!