Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hema - Diamond 11


Today I purchased this little beauty :)
And I'm glad I did :) My nails look a bit greasy on the pictures, I don't really know why...
Anyway, here is Diamond 11 ! 

 As usual, the polish applied like butter, 2 coats, no topcoat ...

I'm not such a glitter girl, so I needed to tone it down a bit by adding a matte top coat... This one is from Claire's, I like it a lot, no problems with application, and no streaks at all, so no problems so far...

The thing i like about it is that it's very subtle but still special, like I made my own suede :)

What do you think about this one ? Do you think I'm crazy putting a matte coat above that shimmer ?

One thing I don't like about Hema polishes is that they don't have real names, but only the type of polish + a number, like "Long lasting 79" or "wetlook 03",... It can be really annoying sometimes, I like it when polishes have names... How would you call this one ?

Xx. S

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  1. LOve your Hemas. I've had the great pleasure of doing a lot of swaps with beautiful lacquer bloggers who send me Hema and I have quite a collection. Your nails look awesome clothed in Hema. :)