Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hema - long lasting 79

Hi guys, 

Today I'm gonna post about a nail polish that doesn't suit me at all...

This dark red, more like black polish is pretty though, but not on me... It's a pity, cause the shimmer is GORGEOUS ! It's like red and purple, lovely, but really hard to capture with my camera...

It applied like a dream ! It went on super smoothly, 2 coats and it's opaque and the pictures are taken without any topcoat, so as you see, it's super shiny :)

The thing is, it's just not my kind of shade... So it's gonna go right into the swap box... it has been opened once, just to swatch it, and I did just one hand, so if you're interested, contact me ! 

Xx. S


  1. Oooh, a pity you don't like it because it looks great on you! It's a lovely colour and I'm really impressed by Hema's quality.

  2. aw i think this looks great, shame you don't like it x