Saturday, 12 March 2011

Sort of YSL french

Hi Readers !

As it was sunny today, I thought I might try some summery nail art,
So I did, and took my take on the YSL french manicure :)
They did this kind of thing this winter (?) with a color duo, the plum/orange one was one of it, I always wanted to try it and here it is: 

The colors I used were: Essence - Plum perfect and Sephora - sweet new ride...
I must say the Sephora one is... CRAPPY ! Seriously ! it's thick, it's drooping, it's streaky, if it wasn't such a nice color I would have thrown it away already ! 

Also, it made the whole manicure bubble, and I don't like that at all :(

Overall, I think it's nice :)
And sunny pictures look SO much better, right ?!
Have you ever tried an YSL style french ?

Xx. S


  1. The red and orange work really well together, great look xx

  2. Oh no! I hate bubbles! :) But manicure looks just gorgeous! Colors go really great together. <3

  3. Ohh... I love the color combination! I've never tried a YSL style french before but I will! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I love the color combo!! :) I also love the shape of your nails too!