Saturday, 12 March 2011

WANTED Dior - Silk Roses

Sweet sweet followers, 

In this post I'll show you my favorite polish ever ! 
I got this one from my grandmother's sister, and it's super old, and discontinued, so I can't find it anywhere :(
So, IF ANYONE, finds me a DUPE of this one, really, I'd be SO pleased ! 
It's a superb old pink, like a grandma rose color, with a great package of silver shimmer (you can see it on top of the bottle), I love this color so much because it's so wearable, and still something a bit special... And I can't seem to find anything like it ! It's always darker, or pinker :( 

I know the pictures suck and I'll post a picture of my nails polished with it later, because as my bottle is sadly almost empty, I try to keep it for a special occasion :)

So, this is just a cry for help :)
Contact me if you saw something alike somewhere ! 
Xx. S

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  1. Hey! I live in Belgium, but I'm in Canada right now... I don't know what this looks like on your nails, but I have something similar which I bought at Kruidvat. It's a brand called "2 cool" or something? Anyway, it's a light pink with a bit of shimmer in it - when I get back to Belgium I'll swatch it and post it on my blog. Though knowing my memory it's probably a bit different than this...