Thursday, 3 March 2011

O.P.I - Huston we have a Purple

Hello Ladies :)

I know it's a bit late, over here they didn't sell any, so I had to go to Lille (in France) to have some and they only had "meh" colors ! And now, as I was walking around in Brussels, I saw this HUGE O.P.I ad in a perfume shop, god, I think my heart stopped !
So, I went in and, they had the texas collection ! Second heart-attac.
I think a looked at the bottles like for 30' with the eyes of a little girl looking at Barbies in a shop... Seriously, the people working there must have thought I was crazy or that I had never seen nail polish in my whole life ! :)

Finally, I picked up Huston we have a purple... I didn't know weather to take this one or Do you think I'm tex-y... And god, when I see how much I love this one, I'm DEFINITELY gonna pick up the other one next week ! So here it is: a gorgeous I would call it something like purple based red, if that makes any sense, in real life it's the exact same color as the flower, 4 coats that went on like a dream, and dried pretty fast (I LOVE THAT BRUSH!)

3 days ago I fell off a 3m high platform (don't ask me why) and I cut my hand very bad... I also broke 2 nails, so I decided to shorten them all a bit down and make them an other shape... which I shouldn't have done... It bothers me I can't make them all exactly the same length/shape, grr... What do you think about that shape ?

I know the pictures are bad quality but I only had my phone with me and I was to exited to post to wait till I had a decent camera, that's also why the pictures are not that color related... :)
Anyway, this polish goes straight to my fave 3, and jelly is totally my favorite finish !
Do you own any jellies ? The texas collection ? What do you think about the color ?

Xx. S


  1. Oh hope your hand'll be better soon! So bad. :( But this color looks great on you, nails are just fine. :) I'm in love with jellies, they make nails look like a candy. :) I can't wait to get 3 jellies from Texas. :))

  2. - Ivana, they totally do look like candy ! can't stop looking at them ;)
    which texas ones will you get ? Xx.

  3. Mooi kleurtje! Fijn gevoel he zo'n eerste O.P.I!

  4. Injured or not....your nails look amazing!

  5. This color is very pretty and the shape of your nails are nice. Sorry to hear about your hand, you gotta watch your steps and don't play wonder woman around high places!! LOL

  6. - Sandy, your comment made me laugh :)
    I won't play Wonder Woman anymore to get my purse, I promise ! Xx.