Saturday, 12 March 2011

Catrice - Wrapped around my finger

Hi you,

I have the feeling I haven't posted in years ! 
But my camera ran out of battery and I forgot the charger at home :( 
I know I show you guys a lot of reds... But it's my favorite color for polish, and this is quite an interesting one ... Since I love shimmers, my eyes felt on this one very quickly ... It's a red creme packed with A LOT of magenta shimmer :) It's really bright in the sun and I can even spot some blue, very pretty !

It's a very pigmented polish, so application went ok, but the formula was a bit on the tick side, and I think it makes my nails look a bit... greasy ? Clean-up was a hard one, but I guess that's often so with red ones... If anyone has a special technique to remove reds easily, let me know !

The thing is, as you can see, it starts bubbling really fast ! 
I only did 1 coat on the pictures, and my base coat was completely dry :(

Conclusion, on one side I really like the shimmer and so on, on the other side, it wasn't super necessary in my collection, but we never have enough enamel right ? :)

Xx. S

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