Sunday, 21 August 2011

Deborah Lippmann - Glitter in the Air

Hiiii!  Ivana's here! :)

I was so happy when we decided to do a guest posts! :) I'd type my thesis now but I just can't, so it's the perfect time to type something for you. Stéphanie is such a lovely girl with amazing photo skills, so I's very nervous about taking my pics. You'll see why. :D
We both fell in love with Glitter in the Air from Deborah Lippmann. I'm sure you already saw it a million times, but a month ago I finally got it in my hands. I didn't want to use it before, because Stéphanie and I decided to wear it together. :D 
Glitter in the Air (GitA) is a light pink and light blue hexagonal glitter with small round glitter in sheer light blue milky base – what a description! :D Looks really amazing in the bottle!

I used 2 coats of OPI – Sweet Heart (very subtle and light pink) and then 2 somewhere even 3 coats of GitA. Unfortunately GitA is very sheer, but it's perfect for layering. :)
 1 coat of Nail Tek -  Foundation II
2 coats of OPI – Sweet Heart
2/3 coats of Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air
1 coat of Nail Tek – Intensive Therapy II
You probably know how great Stéphanie is with taking her pictures, right? When I tried, I failed miserably! It looks very easy, you take something in your hand, pose and take a picture, well, it's not. :D  I took a miillion pictures and only one was fine, still not great but it's probably the best I could make. On some pictures my hand and fingers looked weird or my nails didn't show up so I think I'll stay with plain swatches forever. :D

I hope you liked this post! It's such a pleasure to do a guest post for you dear! 
If you'd like to see Stéphanie's mani with GitA, check my blog at


She is crazy right ? She didn't fail, AT ALL, her pictures rock ! :)
But again, how could you go wrong with such pretty nails ?!
You're amazing Iv' !
Xx. S


  1. Great guest post! And your pictures look great!

  2. ne grintaj, dobro si ovo odradila :-D

  3. Her nails are just perfect, i agree <3

  4. Hi ! Where did you buy the Deborah Lippman nailpolish ? I never saw it in any store in Brussels (:
    Love your pictures !!

  5. Mouna: I got them in a swap, but they sell them in "senteurs d'ailleurs" in brussels :)

  6. Awesome ! Thank you (: