Sunday, 7 August 2011

Zoya - Stephanie

Hello readers ! :)

I looooooove this color ! :)
And it has my naaaame ! 
Thanks to Cristina for giving it to me ! :)

At first I was quite skeptical at first, thought that it would be a simple sheer polish, too white, 
but NOOOO it was soooo pretty ! 

I fell completely in love with this almost white pink polish, but not as much with it's formula, 
very tricky ! It needs a lot of coats to be fully opaque and without streaks, 
I didn't do the same number of coats on each finger so I can't tell you how much I made :S
(sorry for my messy hair :S)

It's soooo soft and subtle, love it :)
(I guess you had already noticed that !) 
And here is Chivas chilling on the kitchen chair again:

Have you got a Zoya polish with your name ? 

Xx. S


  1. I ADORE your photos !!! You are super creative and they are so soft and beautiful!

  2. Yup. I bought "Kate" b/c of the name. I haven't worn her yet, she's more of a fall-ish color. I cannot wait to break her out!

    Ps. your namesake is gorgeous on you!

  3. It looks fabulous! Goes perfect with a tan too :D
    Yes, I have a Zoya with my name too. It's a lovely icy white ^_^

  4. I ALMOST bought this the other day! It's really pretty!

  5. - Marta: Thank youuuu, means a lot to me !
    - Kate: awww Kate is a lovely color !
    - Cel: Thank you Cel ! :) I noticed Christina on the site :)
    - Angie: Buy it, NOOOOW ! :) You won't regret it I promise ! :)

  6. :D Ta nouvelle photo est magifique ;D Toute bronzée et toute souriante! Joli joli!
    Et! Finalement t'es pas déçue de ta Zoya :D Ha ha! Moi non plus! Je vais poster ça ce soir!! D Zoya Christinna ;P
    J'adore tes photos! Bisous <3

  7. I love subtle polishes, mine is Natalie and it's supposed to be brown but leans more towards terra cotta. I am not in love with it,but got it because it does have my name on it.

  8. Gorgeous polish! You have lovely cat!! :)

  9. Great photos! Unfortunately Zoya was not so kind to release a polish with my name yet.. Otherwise I'd buy it no matter what the colour is ;)

  10. Coucou! comment ca va? Moi je suis en vacances chez mes parents, du coup j'ai un peu de temps libre... et un clavier "qwerty" LOL ;)
    Il y a des award pour toi sur mon blog :)
    Biiiizzzzzzzz ;P

  11. Nice mani and nice furry friend. Funny name for your cat, btw.