Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Swap with Ivana

Hello Sweethearts !

A few days ago, I got the most amazing goodies, look at all this !

This is what Ivana, The most lovely girl EVER, send me ! 
Seriously, if you haven't seen her blog yet ('cause you live on the moon or something :P)
I order you to check it out NOW ! :)

I'm a lucky girl right ? I got sooo many, from candy to earrings, to lipstick,...

She wrote a note on every polish, how cute is that ?!

And I got Fimo slices ! I sooo wanted to try that out ! If you have any ideas for that, PLEASE tell me !

Here are the polishes I got: Essence - What do U think ? and Hello Holo, Pink punk (from the glam rock collection) She - 427, 155, 135, 224
OPI - mini rumples wiggin', Milani - Hi-res, her franken "Pink Poljubi" (which is AMAZING !)
CCUK - Zircon

Ivana, sweetheart, thank you for everything, you're an angel ! 
Lots of love & poljubi, 


  1. Soooo awesome! You got a lot of great items!

  2. I love blogging because you meet so many wonderful and talented people!
    When I get back on my feet, I would love to do/resume our swap.
    Enjoy your goodies!!!!

  3. Awww, you're so welcome, I'm so happy you like them all. :) Thanks goes to Teenage Dream, because I met you. ♥