Friday, 5 August 2011

OPI - Second honeymoon

Hello Sweethearts ! 

I'm obsessed with light pinks these days, so I'm trying out all of those I own :)
Here's the first one, OPI's second honeymoon, one of the polishes my mom brought me from Canada...

Application was a bit long, it needed 3 coats, but dried quite fast after all, so it's not a big deal
it's also very shiny (ok you can't really see that on the pictures, but whatever :P

Ok, this isn't the most flattering picture, my fingers look weird, but it shows of the color better,
and yes, well, in my opinion, it's just Meh... I don't now, it's a bit of a dead pink, 
you guys know what I mean ?

With love, 


  1. Beautiful color - very interesting way of taking the photos - with apple in the garden.

  2. Thats a very soft pretty polish!!! Love the photos!

  3. very nice color of nailpolish;)

  4. Oh wow, I love this subtle colour!! And the ring, where did you get it if I dare ask? :)