Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hema - One Coat 205

Hello Sunshines ! 

I got for you today a super pretty pink ! 
It's packed with golden shimmer and ...
I just love how it looks in the sunshine :)

Please don't mind the cuticles 8-) They're in a bad mood today ...
The polish is supposed to be opaque in one coat, which it was, but I did 2 anyway, so the color is even more popping 

Here you can see the shimmer, and the bubbling, I don't know what I have lately, but every single polish bubbles on me :( And I promise I wait till the base coat and first coat are dry ! 
are there any other ways to avoid that ?

So what do you guys think ?
Ps: Ivana, I hope you like this one, cause I bought it for you too ! :)
Xx. S


  1. Very pretty polish! It reminds me of China Glaze Strawberry Fields ;)
    I wish I had your lips they are gorgeous!

  2. I <3 it! It looks like Strawberry fields from China Glaze, which I had last whole week on my nails. :)