Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Taupe/Purple Comparison

While it was sunny today, and I had nothing to do, (except studying, but that's just not as fun as swatching nail polish) I did a quick comparison, ok they're not the most summery colors, but whatever, they're pretty anyway ! 

From index to pinkie: Topshop - delusion, Catrice - from dusk to dawn, Claire's - 289 (?) and last but not least, Chanel - Paradoxal 

In my mind they all looked so alike (except delusion) and when I saw them on my nails I was shocked (Ok not truly shocked but I didn't expect that much difference)

On this one the colors look a lot more alike again, 
I must say I love them all, I've been wearing them a lot this winter, but maybe my favorite of the bunch is...   From dusk to dawn ! 
I love the brownish shade, love love love !

Do you own a lot of this kind of color ?
Do you own one of these ?
Xx. S

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  1. i just had the taupe and purple color... they are really cute! thx :)