Friday, 13 May 2011

Price Package arrived !

Yay I got some packages waiting for me when I got home today, SO cool ! :)

I was 3rd at Mon coin à moua's 1000+ giveaway, (please check out her blog if you hadn't done it yet, and if you have, just check it again, she really is a nice blogger and is worth it !)

Let's see what I've got !

2 Catherine Arley's (803 and 805), Essence metallics copper rules eyeshadow palette, P2 vibrant and gigantic, Essence Roy's red, andy you're a star, you've got the art, high waist pink, and nothing else metals, Revlon bolt, Asos Cherry, Manhattan 12D, Hard candy mirage and last but not least, H&M hot minnie ! 

I'm SO happy with these, love love love ! 
Thank you again Marie !

Xx. S

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