Friday, 6 May 2011

O.P.I - Big hair... big nails

Hi Sweethearts ! 

I have some swatches ready for you, but I got some internet issues at my place so I couldn't post them earlier :(
Anyway, I bought a new polish a few weeks ago, (though I told myself I wouldn't buy any for myself until my swaps were over... I always melt when I see polishes...)

Here's big hair...big nails, and I must admit, I LOVE this color ! Love love love !
I like the fact it's a bit cora l and it turns a bit orange at night, the fact that it's jelly and looks so good with gold and a tanned skin ! 

Again, this jelly went on like butter, but do you have issues with shrinkage or/and tipwear ?

I wish you all a lovely weekend ! 
Xx. S

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