Saturday, 21 May 2011

Korres - 14 Pomegranate

Hello Sweeties, 

As the weather is nice again, but I'm not able to go out cause I need to study, I wanted to bring the summer feeling on my desk :)
So I used this polish that came all the way from Greece (thanks Christina !)

I'm really really fond of the color ! So girly ! 

I've topped it with a matte top coat, which makes the color stand out even more (I have the idea that the color is an even brighter pink!) the only downside is that I feel like there's something missing,...
I should add a rhinestone or something (but I don't have any)

The first thing I did after putting on the matte topcoat is putting on hand lotion, silly me ! 

Featuring my little brother Max. :)

Do you guys have any ideas how to spice up this manicure ?
Xx. S 


  1. Gorgeous color! :) I don't have any rhinestone either, but hopefully I'll ne purchasing some soon!