Saturday, 14 May 2011

1st dotted tips manicure ! :)

Hello girls ! :)

Today I'm gonna show you a dotted mani I made, I was testing out the dotting tool I got from Cel, I've never used one before, so please be kind on me :)
I think it turned out pretty well for a first time, and I'm planning to do one with softer shades ...
Anyway, here it is:

I used Essence - Roy's red for the whole nail (oh how I love this color !) 
and dotted with Essence - Andy you're a star, You've got the art, High waist pink and H&M - Hot minnie 

I think it looks so cute ! like smarties or something ! :)

Last week I was asked which color I would never wear on my nails and I said green, and here I am walking around with green dots on them ! :) 
(I know they show up yellow in the pictures, and in real life also a bit but It's actually a lime kind of color, very fresh !)
Which color would you never wear ?

Have you ever done one of these ? 
Xx. S


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I have a dotting tool but I never use it for doing a dotting french! Now I have to try ;)
    The colour base from Essence it's simply amazing. The colors combo... AMAZING, again!

  2. Oh well thank you for your super nice comment !
    Let me know how it looks like when you try it out !
    Xx. S

  3. Super leuk idee!
    ga ik zeker uitproberen!
    xx.C "FreakyFreestylerrr"

  4. This is so neat! Great manicure and I ♥ the colors!

  5. I like this Mani very much and I trie to do it on my nails in the feature. Thanks for inspiration!