Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Daisies ! :)

Hellow ! 

Before I start studying like a crazy person tomorrow, I though I could do my nails with something more special than a plain nail so I picked yesterday's daisies nails, to do some accent nails :)

I did 3 of them, left pinkie and thumb and right ring finger, don't ask me why I did it like this, but I like it ! which is quite surprising cause I'm a symmetry freak ! It drives me crazy when something is not placed in the middle and stuff, or that both things or not on equal distance :D

Here's a close-up: 

And for the first time, my 10 fingers ! :)
Luckily I've found a way to take a picture that doesn't show all my scars !
I broke my wrists a lot of times (3 times each at least, seems like I'm fragile) and had a little table in glass that fell on my left hand (I almost lost a finger there !)

Have you ever broke something ? Injured yourself badly ?
Xx. S


  1. I actually really like the way you did this and picked on a few to have the floral pattern. Your nails look great. I haven't really broken anything lately, knock on wood :)

    Nice post

  2. Very cute daisies! :)
    I've definitely injured myself badly before; I've broken a rib! haha
    - Alana

  3. I love these nails! so pretty. I am currently recovering from a broken pelvis after having a car accident! But luckily that's the first time I've ever broken a bone! x

  4. - Dale: you lucky girl !
    - Alana: a rib, never broke that, but I broke someone's rib once, see how clumsy I am ! :)
    - Grace; I'll hope you'll be better soon !

    Xx. S